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Forget the alpha males! This guy is the real catch!

Kitten song

I located this vid on, and the always hilarious Michelle Collins had this observation:

Even when this dude is singing about killing himself and his ex-girlf, we have to admit: He remains adorable. The handfuls of kitty tissues heís holding are not hurting his cause either. Seriously, if the star of this video is reading this: Poke me on Friendster. Beep me if you have to. Iíll be waiting. (Yes, thatís a threat.)

Ok, sing it with me! Little Kittens...yeah yeah, Little Kittens...yeah yeah yeah!

I haven't been this overheated since.... well, the last time Gerard Butler did a promotional blitz for a film.

The Ugly Truth is mere days away, and my girlfriend has already been informed that she will be accompanying me to the midnight showing Thursday night/Friday Morning.

In the meantime, there's been no shortage of Gerry sightings to keep me satisfied. From his appearance on The Tonight Show to his Esquire cover to the premiere of the film, my man has literally been everywhere.

AND, since I've gotten more than a few messages and emails from readers telling me that I haven't been keeping them updated enough about all of this Gerry news, I'm going to squeeze it all into this post. And I'm sorry for not being on top of this. Consider me spanked. Now, while you're back there, would you please pull my hair?

First, there is this lovely little picture and article. Ahhh. Gotta love the Sun.

Hunk Butler Gets and Eyeful

Of course, the photo in that article clearly led to the following image....

Butler licks Heigl

Then there was his sexy cover for Esquire magazine. I've included a link to the full interview beneath the cover photo.

Gerard Butler Esquire

300 Things We Didn't Know About Gerard Butler

And here is our little smoochieface on The Tonight Show. He was adorable. I particularly enjoy hearing him discuss his non 300 physique. Cute.

Part 1

Part 2

And here is a cute little set of sound bites from an interview for The Ugly Truth.

Then of course there are the rumors about Gerry and Jennifer Aniston. Just google it. I won't get into it here. He denies it. I think they'd be a cute couple.

So, there you have it. I'll post more later as we get even closer. This should hold you for a while, no?

Over a month ago I promised that the final installment of this series was mere days away. As tends to happen, life got in the way, and it got delayed.

However, I now present you with the third and final installment of Love is in the air: A Collection of Great Romantic Movies. In case you missed the first two, here are the links:

Love is in the air: A Collection of Great Romantic Movies

Love is in the air: A Collection of Great Romantic Movies Part 2


Amelie is the kind of movie that won't appeal to everyone. It is saccharine. Perhaps simply too sweet for some tastes. For me, it was bliss. Amelie is the kind of film I can watch and just feel tingly with happiness. The whole movie is whimsical and special. First of all, can we talk about Audrey Tautou's big brown eyes and enchanting smile? Her radiant face is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, with the same quirky charm and grace.

Amelie is a young woman who grew up in a loveless home. She becomes a very shy and introverted person. When she sees the news about Princess Dianna's demise on TV, she decides that it will become her life's mission to mend souls and be a healer of hearts. She befriends a wide array of colorful characters, and works tirelessly to assist them in finding their own happiness.

Amelie meets Nino Quincompoix, who collects discarded ID photos from a photo booth and keeps them in a picture album. The budding relationship between Amelie and Nino is precious.

Amelie is a love story, but not just between two people. It's a love story about people in general; their stories, their dreams, desires, unfulfilled wishes, and redemption. It captures the imagination, and the heart. And it might make you feel as though you were always meant to live in France. That's what it did for me

The Red Violin

The Red Violin

God, I love this movie. I was originally drawn to it because of the musical talent of Joshua Bell, who performs all of the violin solos for the score. But, I ended up being taken by this amazing story of the journey of a violin with a strange red varnish, as it travels in and out of the lives of so many people throughout the centuries.

The romance of this film is found throughout. A mysterious and unique Bussotti violin is being sold at an auction. An antiques dealer, played by Samuel L. Jackson, becomes fascinated by the piece, and researches its history. The life of the violin is told through a series of vignettes detailing the hands through which it has passed. The various owners all embark on a love affair with this acoustically perfect instrument. The violin experiences love, heartache, birth, death, betrayal, rebirth, passion, and despair. All of these people are the violins "lovers", and the namesake of the film is truly the main character.

It is the ultimate revelation of how the violin came to be, and the final destination of the violin that bring the film full circle. Films like this don't come around all that often. It helps to be a music lover to get the full appreciation for the message of The Red Violin. I took up the violin when I was 8 years old, and learned the viola when I was in my early teens. I played all through my high school years, and joined a chamber orchestra in college. I still play for the love of it. The music that comes from the deep soul of a violin or viola is otherworldly, and can truly captivate. This movie captures that essence beautifully.

Swept from The Sea

swept from the sea

This is the one that will make you realize what a sap I really am. Swept from the Sea is a bewitching tale of true love. I have a special taste for stories about outcasts or eccentrics that find love with each other. I am drawn to the concept that those who are labeled as strange or odd are actually the most human among us, and that it's the world that is truly mad. (I wonder why this would appeal to me???)

Rachel Weisz is Amy, the lonely servant girl in a coastal village. She is an outcast who spends her moments away from work collecting relics that wash ashore from the sea. Vincent Perez is Yanko, the lone Ukrainian survivor of a terrible shipwreck, and when he washes ashore near Amy's village, he too becomes an outcast. Since no one can understand him (he doesn't speak English) he is considered to be mentally challenged, and is treated poorly. Finally, he encounters Amy, who is kind to him, and treats him with compassion. The only other person who gives him any sort of compassion in the town is the doctor (Ian McKellan) who teaches him how to speak English.

Amy and Yanko find solace in one another, and fall deeply in love. It is one of the most passionate and wrenching romances ever set to film, in my opinion. "We are the ones we've been waiting for" Yanko tells Amy. "I am your home, and you are mine". So beautiful. It is a haunting and strange and wonderful movie that has sadly been overlooked.

Only You

only you robert downey jr

Only You is a film that I used to watch over and over and over when I was younger. It was released in 1994, so I guess I would have been about 16 when I first saw it. When I was 16, I believed in true, magical, happily ever after love. I was THAT girl. Hopelessly in love with love. Understandably, this movie appealed to the teenage Natalina, with her head in the clouds and her heart on her sleeve.

I watched it again the other day, for perhaps the first time in over 10 years. I decided that I was going to find it stupid and corny after all this time. Instead, I found that I still knew almost all of the words by heart, and I was bawling like a maniac as the credits were rolling.

The movie begins with a young girl named Faith, who is at a fair with her friends. She goes to see a fortune teller, who tells her that she was going to fall in love with and marry a man named Damon Bradley. Fast forward to grown up Faith (Marrisa Tomei), who is engaged to be married to a business man who is about the least romantic fella you can find. Just a week or so before her wedding, she receives a call from a business associate of her fiance, who introduces himself as Damon Bradley. He tells her he's in Italy on business and he simply is leaving a message.

Faith is rocked by the news that there really is a Damon Bradley, although she's never seen his face, and wonders if fate has intervened in her life just in time. She decides that she will catch a flight to Italy to try to find Mr. Bradley, and see if the fortune teller was right. Her best friend (Bonnie Hunt) joins her, and off they go.

On her first night in Italy, she encounters a man to whom in a moment of indiscretion, she confesses her reasons for being in Italy. He is so smitten with Faith that he tells her that HE is Damon Bradley. Of course, he isn't. He's Peter (Robert Downey Jr.), but Faith doesn't know that, and she proceeds to allow herself to be swept up in a whirlwind romance with Peter, all the while thinking that he's someone else.

If you haven't seen Only You, you can still probably imagine how the story ends. Eventually, Faith finds out the truth, and is devastated at how she has been taken advantage of. Peter, being the weasel that he is, promises to make it up to her by helping her track down the real Damon Bradley. This is the point in the film where we are introduced to a handsome character played by Billy Zane, who claims to be the really really real Damon Bradley. He turns out to be a real a-hole, and Faith is disillusioned once again.

Girl gets boy in the end, but which boy? Love triumphs, that's what I'll say. Sigh. If Amelie makes you wish you lived in France, Only You makes you believe you were destined to live in Italy.

I couldn't find a trailer, but here is the scene just after Peter tells Faith that he's Damon Bradley, and their romance begins.

Ok, so I actually have 5 more...HA! I guess there might be a part 4

Top 10 Reasons Women Dig Vampires

June 30th 2009 09:13
Our friends from (who we're proud to say have advertised for Beta Girl for the past year!) have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons that chicks dig vampires, from a male perspective. It's really quite enlightening. They even share tips on what the average Joe can learn from these vampire lessons. I'll list the top 10 with a brief snibbet from each entry. Enjoy!

Screw Twilight. Gerard Butler as Dracula is the vampire that makes me curl my toes and expose

10. Vampires are loners

Women love vampires because they have all the time in the world. Literally.

9. Vampires require no commitment during the day

Women love vampires because vampires canít take up the entirety of a womanís day. Hell, they canít even stay that late into the night. Sleepovers only last until the sun is coming up and vampires are nowhere to be found until the sun goes down.

8. Vampires dress well

A nice pair of skin-tight pants and an occasional ascot or medallion completes the look. Like a modern-day Tom Jones without the giant crucifix in his pants

Advice: Dress well for every occasion....But never wear the cape, no matter how good it looks.

Gerard Butler, "Dracula 2000"

7. Vampires love necking

Woman love sex...As we all know, men just like to get down to business -- but not vampires. They donít even really care about sex. They want to mess around. Particularly around the neck area -- the ďsweet spotĒ as itís known around the coffins.

6. Vampires are moody

Women beg to differ, but they honestly do like the occasional hint of drama in a relationship. It keeps things fresh and exciting. This is perfect for the vampire, whose mood is constantly changing. Youíd be pissed too if people wanted you dead and all youíve had to eat for a couple centuries is some blood and the occasional taste of plasma.

5. Vampires are persuasive

They convince the smart and savvy women that their odd behavior is on the up-and-up. They even convince them itís cool to suck blood. How hard is that? You canít even convince her to try new sexual positions.

4. Vampires search forever to find "her"

When a vampire sinks his teeth (figuratively) into a woman, he makes her feel like the only woman in the world. Itís no wonder women fall hard -- then again, it could also be the blood loss.

3. Vampires are romantic

Give those dead, bloodsucking bastards credit: they know how to romance the pants off a woman. The setting is always dark and mysterious and the atmosphere is just right for doing something dirty. The full moon seems to follow them wherever they go.

2. Vampires are powerful

The vampire is always in phenomenal shape; it must be the low carbs/high blood diet and tons of sleep. The second type of power is mental. He's usually a manipulative bastard who can match brains as much as brawn. This amazing one-two combo is a major reason women love vampires. Moreover, itís almost impossible to kill a vampire. You think heís dead? Nope. Still not dead.

1. Vampires are the ultimate bad boys

He is the man her mother warned her about except with more guy-liner and lip gloss than either of them could have ever predicted. He isnít just bad, heís dead. Beat that!

To read all of the entries and the advice for men to live up to the vampire hype, click HERE. And if you really want to sink your teeth into some vampire action, head over to!

All images courtesty of McHeathers.

Now I know why I can't sleep... It's not too many scary movies or too much caffeine...

It's my boobies, y'all! And now, there's an answer. Hallelujah!

Seriously, is this not the weirdest thing you've ever seen? Do you think it works? Do you have $60 I can borrow? Beta Girl needs some shut eye!

This product, The Kush, claims to support your boobies (Or Bubbies, as the Real Housewives of New Jersey call them) while you sleep. Apparently, if your breasts are too large, they can make it difficult to sleep on your side. I fail to see how putting something between them can help you sleep better, but this is the claim. Check it out!


When I first heard about The Ugly Truth, I thought it was going to be your standard, run o' the mill chick flick with a solid PG-13 rating, and a generally sweet vibe.

Then I heard that it was getting an R rating, and that it contains some decidedly adult material. It is considered fairly ballsy for a romantic comedy to take an R rating, as it may alienate some of the more conservative members of its audience

[ Click here to read more ]

Is Vinnie Jones Sexy?

May 31st 2009 07:16

Doot Doo doo Dooooo! (Do you like my trumpet?)

How exciting! The HD trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes flick directed by Guy Ritchie has hit the net, and Beta Girl has it here, just for you

[ Click here to read more ]

As you all know by now, Beta Girl is in love with love. Whether it is in film, real life, or in fantasy, I live for all things romance. Below, you will find a list of my favorite romantic music, in no particular order. Guaranteed to make you more that a little amorous.

Backseat Romance

[ Click here to read more ]

New "Gamer" poster and trailer!

May 11th 2009 09:16

[ Click here to read more ]

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