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March 21st 2012 17:41
My site was nominated for Best Gossip Blog!

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Beta Girl's Sexiest Men Alive

November 21st 2010 00:12
As most of you have probably noticed... People has released its 2010 edition of Sexiest Man Alive. The winner? One Mr. Ryan Reynolds. While Mr. Reynolds is certainly ab-tastic, and I'm more than happy not to have to look at Brad Pitt or George Clooney on this cover for a change, I'll admit that I think my list is a little better.

So... here we go! Beta Girl's Sexiest Men Alive!

5. Gerard Butler (Duh)

I mean... the man is F-I-N-E. No doubt about it. Whether he's a Spartan, a Phantom, a Ghost, or an idiot... I love him. He's dashing. That Scottish brogue... damn. He makes every and all lists always. Sighhhhhhhh.

4. Guy Ritchie

I don't know what it is.... Maybe it's that he doesn't know he's sexeh. Maybe it's the way he kicked Madonna to the curb (I like to think that's how it happened. "Sorry, Madge. You're a bloody beast and I'll have no more!") Maybe it's his talent (he's directed a few of my favorite films)... or maybe it's that damn accent. Whatever it is, he gets the BG seal of approval.

3. Jude Law

Ahhhh yes. Old Bedroom Eyes. The lovely Mr. Law has always made my heart go pitty pat. He's just dreamy, isn't he? The lilt of his voice and the line of his jaw.... he's magical. He's apparently a bit of a cad, as they say, but he's not the type you wanna marry. Perhaps just have an illicit tryst while snowed in at a small cottage in England. Yes... that'll do.

2. Russell Crowe

He'll always be sexy to me. True... he may no longer be in "Gladiator" shape... but I don't mind. It's those penetrating eyes, that serious forehead, that incredible talent. Mr. Crowe hasn't gotten a lot of good press in the past few years, following some unseemly outbursts and perhaps a smidger or arrogance, but he's still incredible to watch. One of the best actors ever. Mrrrrow. Amazing man.

1. My Husband!

The Censor bar is two fold...1. For privacy reasons. A BG's gotta have some secrets, and 2. Because he's mine Mine MINE!!!!

My husband is a MAN through and through. He's an amazing provider, a loving companion, sexy as can be, and he's got that "I'm hot because I don't have the slightest idea that I'm hot" thing going on. Love.

A Gift For My Husband

November 8th 2010 12:37
Goodness me, Beta Girl has been sitting dormant for far too long. It is time to dust her off and return her to her former glory!

To kick things off, I'm going to share something personal. I just love my husband. He's the sun and the moon to me. We have so many delightful inside jokes and can practically read each other's minds. He's my lover, my best friend, and my soul mate.

We've had our share of rocky roads, and what couple doesn't? We weather each storm that faces us and emerge more in love, more in tune, and more committed to one another than ever.

So.. while this Beta Girl can certainly appreciate the Hollywood Alpha Male from afar... there is only one man that is the Alpha and Omega of her existence.

I made the following video for my darling man. I think it reflects the silly, sincere, and sacred nature of our marriage.

For my loving, amazing, forever love.... You made me laugh when I was crying, you made me smile when I was frowning, You made me strong when I was weary... there is no man more perfectly molded to my being than you.


Bizarre and True Tale of Weird Love

August 11th 2009 03:39
In 1959, one of the most notoriously bizarre stories of love and betrayal began. Linda Riss was 20 years old, living in East Bronx. She was beautiful by anyone’s standard. Riss met an older man named Burt Pugach, a lawyer and somewhat shady character. Pugach became enamored with Riss, and pursued her relentlessly. Riss fell for his charms, and they began dating exclusively.

Burt and Linda Pugach

Withing a year of their courtship, Burt proposed and Riss accepted. Then, things took a dramatically twisted turn. Linda discovered to her horror that the man she had agreed to marry was already married and had a child. When she confronted him, he admitted to the deception, a swore he’d get a speedy divorce. Linda told him she’d consider taking him back as soon as he could produce the divorce papers. He did. But wary after already having been fooled, Linda did a little investigating, and found the divorce papers to by phony.

As it turned out, Pugach’s wife Francine refused to grant him a divorce. Their daughter Caryn had severe learning difficulties, and Francine was not about to be left without a husband to provide for them. Allowing all of this to sink in, Linda called off the wedding, and started dating other men. Burt obsessively pursued her, even stalked her, saying “If I can’t have you, no one else will.”

Finally, the whole thing came to a head when Pugach hired 3 men to carry out a horrific plot. On June 15, 1959, Linda’s mother answered the door at their apartment in the East Bronx, and was told there was a delivery for Linda. As soon as Linda appeared at the door, the man through chemical Lye in her face causing her to lose her hair and the vision in one of her eyes. As time went on, Linda went completely blind. And although Pugach wasn’t the person at the door, it was clear that he was behind the attacks. His goal? To maim Linda to the point where no one else would want her. Pugach was sentenced to 30 years in prison, 14 with good behavior.

Burt and Linda Pugach

Linda traveled Europe with some friends, always hiding behind very dark glasses. Although her skin was restored and her appearance was mostly as lovely as before, her eyes were left horribly disfigured. At one point she fell for a man who she thought might be the one. One night, she let him see her eyes. She never heard from him again. Her self esteem was terribly damaged.

In 1974, Burt was nearing the end of his sentence, and he once again began sending love letters to Linda. They proclaimed that “No one will love you the way I do”. He asked his lawyer to visit Linda, and ask if there was anything she needed. “Tell him I need some money” is what she said. She was broke having been so limited in the work she was able to do, and Burt commenced sending her $50 a week. When he was released, Linda was put under police protection. Even with all that had happened, Linda’s friends started encouraging her to meet up with Burt. They believed that she needed a husband. Considering herself to be damaged goods, she decided that Burt really did love her, and soon…. they were engaged to be married. The headlines in the paper read, “Blinded bride-to-be weds her attacker.”

Burt and Linda Pugach

Linda and Burt have been married ever since, and by all accounts have a normal and happy marriage. Linda says she’s forgiven Burt. He says he loves her still after 30 years together. Although he stalked her, harassed her, and eventually had her blinded and disfigured for life with acid… she says that the moment she agreed to marry him 1974, she never made him explain why he did it. She thinks that would be unfair. Burt claims he was temporarily insane, and that the action he took against Linda all those years ago was not the real him.

It is interesting to note that in 1997, Burt Pugach was arrested for stalking and harassing his Filipino secretary, with whom he’d been having an affair. When it came time for him to go on trial, the star witness who got Pugach acquitted was his wife, Linda, who testified, “Burt is a wonderful, devoted husband.”

The twisted tale of Burt and Linda Pugach was made into an award winning documentary Crazy Love, which explores the relationship in detail. This doc was what first brought this insane story to my attention. And of course, the Pugach’s were at the premiere.

Burt and Linda Pugach

Crazy Love Trailer

If you thought this was a crazy tale of weird the link below to find a few more stories I dug up...sure to disturb you for days to come!

Bizarre and True Tales of Weird Love

As I've previously mentioned, I was super excited for the premiere of The Ugly Truth last night. My friend and I had a lovely day full of girlie activities in preparation for the guilty pleasure of watching a movie for no other reason than the sexiness of the lead actor, Gerard Butler.

Welllll, perhaps we spent a wee bit too much time on our pre-movie festivities, because by the time we arrived at the theater, it was packed! Oh well. Watching a movie in a full theater can be fun if everyone is well behaved. So, we bought our tickets and headed into the auditorium.

Let me tell you, The Ugly Truth was showing in the largest of the theaters, and it was completely full. Completely. I was not expecting that! So, there we stood, looking around, trying to find somewhere to plop ourselves down, and there literally was only one place. Front row and center. I don't know about you, but the thought of craning my neck to watch a movie for 2 hours in not appealing. Even if it is to look into the sparkling blue eyes of Mr. Butler.

Gerard Butler the ugly truth

Reluctantly, my buddy and I left the theater, collected our refunds, and exited the building. After which I let loose a string of expletives that would have surely earned me an R rating were I a movie. Which I'm not. But I should be, don't you think?

Our new plan is to see the film tomorrow afternoon. So, my promised review for all of you Beta Girls is slightly delayed but still very much on its way. Be patient!

In the meantime, here's a little clip of Gerard Butler on Craig Ferguson to keep you satisfied. My man was looking very good that night! Mrrrrow!


Forget the alpha males! This guy is the real catch!

Kitten song

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I haven't been this overheated since.... well, the last time Gerard Butler did a promotional blitz for a film.

The Ugly Truth is mere days away, and my girlfriend has already been informed that she will be accompanying me to the midnight showing Thursday night/Friday Morning

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Beta Girl is B-O-R-E-D

July 16th 2009 06:32
For the past few days, I've had the WORST headache. It comes and goes, but mostly it has been a nightmare. So, finally this evening, I'm feeling much better. Which sucks because tonight I had nothing to do! The past few days have been full of activities and commitments that I could not miss, and now that I feel good....I got nothin'.

I decided to sit down and watch a movie. I got about 10 minutes into it, when there was a knock at my door. It was my brother, begging me to dog sit for his girlfriend's dog. Which I really didn't mind, because I love animals. I said, "Sure, bring him over." Well, this damn dog was the most high maintenance little ankle biter ever! And of course, the moment I've taken on the responsibility, I got invited to go out for drinks. Which I sadly had to decline

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Over a month ago I promised that the final installment of this series was mere days away. As tends to happen, life got in the way, and it got delayed.

However, I now present you with the third and final installment of Love is in the air: A Collection of Great Romantic Movies. In case you missed the first two, here are the links

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Top 10 Reasons Women Dig Vampires

June 30th 2009 09:13
Our friends from (who we're proud to say have advertised for Beta Girl for the past year!) have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons that chicks dig vampires, from a male perspective. It's really quite enlightening. They even share tips on what the average Joe can learn from these vampire lessons. I'll list the top 10 with a brief snibbet from each entry. Enjoy!

Screw Twilight. Gerard Butler as Dracula is the vampire that makes me curl my toes and expose

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